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Arkeologlar ve tarihçiler, erkekler ve kadınların ağaç reçinesini topaklar yapıp sakız olarak çiğnediklerini keşfetmiştir. İnsanlar eskiden ağaç reçinesinin bazı tıbbi özellikleri olduğuna inanıyorlardı.Onu çiğneyerek, dişlerini ovarak ağız temizliği yapıyorlardı. Bu reçineyi bulan tarihteki ilk sakızı icad eden John B. Curtis’ tir. 1848 yılında, ladin ağacı reçinesi üzerinde denemeler yaparak yapışkan, lastik gibi bir malzeme elde etmiştir. Bu çiğnenebilir bir malzemeydi. İki yıl süren ladin ağacı reçinesi ile başarılı deneyler yaptı.İlk büyük sakız tesisini kurdu.

jokes about it on twitterComic book weird. You will be able to create your new floor plan by wholesale china jerseys measuring one line at a time on the original and drawing it at the new proportional scale on wholesale nfl jerseys the revised floor plan.. Your coach should make sure that the athlete keeps his back flat and does not lean backward during the arm drive.Hammer CurlsHammer curls provide a highly explosive repetitive curling exercise. Only five were built before General Motors pulled the Cheap NFL Jerseys plug on the program that created it. The NFL helps pay for the venue but also assesses a hefty relocation fee. Causing resistance through the inner thigh and adductor. Not sure how to go about it, but I am researching the concept. This is after a morning weightlifting session in a state of the art gym Penske built last year. He had a successful period with the France national side winning the 1998 FIFA World Cup and Cheap Oakleys the 2000 European Championships. Some have single kayaks, some tandem and some white water. I have a singer 2250, and here is my problems I pulled Fake Oakleys on the bobbin thread, very gently, and what I think is called the hook shuttle and the circlely thingey that circles round the bobbin case both fell out. Being in the zone also means that your performance becomes effortless. Put the cubes cheap nfl jerseys on a wire rack to drain or on a clean towel to soak up excess moisture. Or North America, is of key importance. After you proven yourself Cheap mlb Jerseys with at least five years of experience, you can pursue accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) or the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). It has 3BR, 2BA and a covered patio in the historic East Hill neighborhood. You can play with your partner on the backboard. Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Still, with Peterson, Minnesota is going to win games this year. Dip and press the weight up over your head until your arms are straight. If your blazer doesn’t have lining, you can go ahead and skip that step. “‘[That’s why] you have several coaches [in the NCAA] getting paid NFL money, despite working for an enterprise that really does not match what the New England Patriots and the New York Giants take in.”. As long as you can see your toes on the surface of the water, it’s virtually impossible to get foot entrapment and that’s a good safe position. So, of course, when it comes to making smoked fish, she looks no further than her own kitchen.. Take advantage of the savings today and get yourself a great Dallas Cowboys t shirt that will serve you well for years to come..

Fatma Aliye TOPUZ


Fatma Aliye Topuz (Fatma Aliye Hanım) 9 Ekim 1862, de İstanbul da doğmuştur. Türk edebiyatının ilk kadın romancısıdır.”Muhadarat”, “Refet, “Udi” ve “Enin” adlı romanlarını yayımladı. Biyografi, felsefe, siyaset ve tarih alanlarında eserleri vardır.Kahramanları kadın olan öyküler ve romanlar yazmıştır.2009 yılında dolaşıma çıkan 50 Türk Lirasının arka yüzünde resmi bulunmaktadır.13 Temmuz 1936 yılında İstanbul’da vefat etmiştir.

5 takeaways from the patriots’ 27ABC’s World News Tonight took the nightly news lead with 8.95M viewers, ahead of NBC Nightly News with 8.8M.. The Texans were unable to challenge the play because it was blown dead.. With the cheap football jerseys start Replica ray bans of the professional baseball season, the company released the latest installment of the baseball franchise at the end of March. It’s the Superman IV of the Batman movies, such a watershed of terrible moviemaking that no one would ever dare speak in its favor.. They call it a mistake, but we like to imagine that some little kid just got his hands on the fireworks control panel and Fake Oakleys decided to live out his wildest dreams.. GSI’s financial performance hasn’t been great (its stock was down about 30 percent year over year prior to eBay’s big announcement), and eBay’s offer of $2.4 billion (or $29.95 per share) represents a premium of 51 percent over GSI’s value Replica ray bans at the end of March 25th.. The final quarter of the season is tough enough that if Brady isn’t on the field from here forward, it’s probably more indicative of a problem than a protective luxury.. Thus, in a sense, individual states would be able to dictate how the NFL conducts its drug testing. Studio Entertainment revenues increased 23% to $1.9 billion and the segment’s operating income increased a whopping 75% to $409 million! The higher operating income was due to an increase in worldwide theatrical distribution results and increases in domestic home entertainment and television/subscription video on demand (TV/SVOD) distribution. The Bengals said Henry had turned his life around this season and showed a renewed focus on his football career. To be clear, Salem doesn’t only run this shitshow during Halloween; the town is a year round bevy Replica ray bans of witch themed tourism. Dagg, S. There’s really no right or wrong way to do this, I just want you to feel comfortable not using your lower back to lift but you’re really just lifting the legs. But it’s not just icons. But it takes a special kind of narcissistic jerk like Cam Newton to play so poorly in the biggest game in all of sports and then act like a petulant child after the game and every day cheap nfl jerseys since then. And then you’re going to be glad you came to Michigan.'”. When the quake ended, Candlestick Park was still intact there were even plans to start the game on time. As for the billionaires, Bill Gates is trying to Cheap NFL Jerseys save the planet with his foundation, Paul Allen owns three pro sports teams, Steve Ballmer owns the LA Clippers, and Charles Simonyi, the guy who oversaw the creation of Microsoft Office, is a space obsessed billionaire.

Diş Macunu


İlk diş macununu Eski Mısırlılar bulmuş.Öğütülmüş sünger taşı ve sirkeyle yapmışlar.1802’ de Napolili dişçiler Napoli suyundaki floridin dişleri çürütmediğini görmüşler. Diş macunlarında florid ve bal karışımı kullanmaya başlanmışlardır.1892 yılında Amerikalı Doktor Washington Sheffield diş macununu depolamak için katlanabilir tüp icat etti.

We could simply fire up the GPS and tell it where we’re headed. The episode called into question what the NFL knew about the second video, and when, and the league’s entire handling of domestic abuse cases.. This model is designed to separate the control and ownership of any corporation. The basketball has mass, which means that the player must use the appropriate amount of force when shooting or passing. Another thing cause you want the heart rate up, kick your butt. Fake Oakleys Most gyms have standing and seated calf machines that can help you build bigger and stronger ankles.. If color appears in the bowl, water is getting past the flush wholesale jerseys valve or flapper the flat, rubber stop that lifts to drain and slams closed to fill the tank.. All of these characteristics are decided on the stadium. MailOnline has learned that the cossack style 320 hat is made from baby alpacas which die of natural Cheap Jerseys from china causes, part of a new trend for ‘ethical fur’. To cheap China Jerseys quote from Wikipedia: “the Candiru begins to gnaw a hole towards a major blood vessel and gorges itself.” But who cares about that? After all, you’re not a fish, right?. Hell, the brutalization is part of why people watch in the first place. 1, the top 10 shows, their networks and viewerships: NFL Football: Green Bay vs. Children are designed (whether you believe by millions of years of evolution, or by God, it doesn matter) to nurse very frequently, based on the composition of the milk of the species, the fact that all higher primates (Primates are the zoological Order to which humans belong, higher primates include monkeys and apes) cheap jerseys keep their offspring in the mother arms or on her back for several years, the size of the Fake Oakleys young child stomach, the rapidity with which breast milk is digested, the need for an almost constant source of nutrients to grow that huge brain (in humans, especially), and so on. Just recently CNN IBN’s Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted that he had to block 50 handles on a single day. Unplanned changes bring about unpredictable outcomes, while planned change is a sequence of events implemented to achieve established goals. Hold for a moment and then return to the starting position. The word began to fade from everyday usage in the 1960s (though songs like the 1960 Richie Allen track “Redskin” would occasionally be released). Though the test has since proven unreliable, researchers remain hard at work trying to refine testing methods [source: Mez et al.].. And lo and behold, the next day lots of clapping on the back and pronouncements of baseball a leader in the fight against doping.. Music cheap football jerseys in Texas isn’t all country and western. From 1963 to 1966 the Boston Patriots of the AFL called Fenway home. They have a historic rivalry with the Dolphins in Florida, but so do the Jets.

Babam Ve Annem

Anne Baba

Babam kahramanım benim
Akıllıdır o
Babaların en yakışıklısı
Aslandır o
Melek gibidir babam.
Annecim ben seni çok seviyorum
Ne güzelsin annem
Ne güzel anlar geçirdik senle
En sevdiğim kişi sensin
Melek gibisin annem.

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Benim amcam göz doktoru.O benim gözlerimi muayene ediyor.Gözlüğümü değiştiriyor.Muayene ederken farklı aletler kullanıyor.Mesela bir harflerle dolu tahta kullanıyor.Bilgisayarla gözümün içine bakıyor.Ben o arada ekranda balon görüyorum.Ben amcamı çok seviyorum.Gözlerini muayene ettirmeye korkan çocuklar bence hiç korkmasınlar.Ben de eskiden göz muayene ettirmeye korkardım ama artık göz muayene ettirmeye korkmuyorum.Anladım ki birşey olmuyor.Muayene olmadan ne kadar gördüğümüzü bilemeyiz.Herkesin bizim gibi gördüğünü düşünürüz.Benim annem de babam da gözlük kullanıyor.Ben de…Belki kardeşim de…

effects of greed in the world todayJapan has lifted all tsunami alerts after a magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima, home to the nuclear power plant crippled oakley sunglasses outlet in the March 2011 triple disaster. Neither of our sources reported receiving much training for this job. Thanks to Malfoy sorry, Mr Gardener Mr Ashley now has the inside track. In the Mile High City, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has the odd distinction of being the healthiest play caller in Sunday’s matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He had more votes than Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, Jaromir Jagror and other stars, and he was an All Star captain.. And those are a few exercises you can do to strengthen your core if you’re a runner.. Union representatives consist of a selected group of employees who represent the various levels and departments within employee ranks. In fact, within a few months of the surgery, Fake Oakleys everyone was telling me that I was pretty much an entirely different person. Limas Sweed gets the nod over Santonio Holmes here for the dropped touchdown pass in the AFC title game two weeks ago. Longtime defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau retired. “I want to be in a better position than what I was yesterday. 2016 will also be the year that our Over The Top subscription services began to make a positive impact on cheap oakleys sunglasses our financial performance. The Jets passed on a receiver and cornerback two areas of more pressing need to get a physical safety who can help set a menacing tone. Pianist Jelly Roll Morton, along with the Red Hot Pepper’s, are other such examples. The ad is a metaphor for cheap China Jerseys how Intel’s new processors are super fast and make employees wholesale Jerseys way more efficient, but whoever designed the ad has apparently never seen a 100 meter dash before. Check out this video for more on this.. Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings.My AccountLog OutCalifornia Golden Bears quarterback Jared Goff (16) throws out a pass in the first quarter against cheap nfl jerseys the Washington Huskies at Husky Stadium.(Photo: Jennifer Nicholson, USA TODAY Spor)A wholesale nfl jerseys brief look at the top quarterbacks who are available in the 2016 NFL draft:Carson Wentz, North Dakota StateHis size (6 5, 237 pounds), athletic ability, command of the football and overall makeup elevated him into the discussion for the No. It may not be the company’s traditional areas of expertise, but changes need to be made, and this could be one change that makes the company stands apart.. Here are this week’s five takeaways.. The difference is that Taylor often landed fast arm punches while Chavez was landing damaging blows to the head and body.

Spor Toto Süper Lig’in En İyi 10 Golü

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h5638SxJxoVideo can’t be loaded: Spor Toto Süper Lig’in En iyi 10 Futbolcusu (2015-2016) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h5638SxJxo)

10-Diego Ribas   FENERBAHÇE

9-Lukas Podolski   GALATASARAY

8-Samual Eto’o   ANTALYASPOR

7-Rıcardo Quaresman  BEŞİKTAŞ

6-Gökhan Töre   BEŞİKTAŞ

5-Lazar Markovic  FENERBAHÇE

4-Mario Gomez  BEŞİKTAŞ

3-Luis Nani   FENERBAHÇE

2-Wesley Sneıjder   GALATASARAY



On workout days, perform dynamic stretches, during which you use movements to stretch before your routine. The company sells Coke Cheap mlb Jerseys products in 28 countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, representing 585 million people. The leather rope is very popular because of its comfortable weight and because it makes less noise than the bead rope. Yamana missed earnings estimates in both the first and third quarter and slashed its dividend this year as well. Tory burch shoes Mountains burberry sale to adidas shoes outlet restore mcm bags calm, as jerseys from china if puma outlet store nothing had ralph lauren happened pandora to burberry outlet online her coach factory outlet online silence, replica watches occasionally versace shoes outlet pheasant toms shoes outlet chirping, people feel air max 90 there wholesale jerseys polo ralph lauren Aura. They were banned not because of the health risk or the whole illegal sexual arousal but simply because of false advertising. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and friends, will get Cheap Football Jerseys the big screen treatment in 2015 in an all new 3D movie. And keep in mind, Melissa, that for the regular season that number was just 35 percent. The squeeky athletes had their real voices overlaid with some cheeky commentary, often centered around fries and burgers.. The real world is that with the truth comes judgment. In terms of good drills to do that, starting with that end in mind, knowing that you want to maximize your shoulder turn, minimize your arm swing, you can then begin to hit balls and just take short swings where you are feeling your shoulders, you’re feeling your shoulders turn but you’re keeping your arm swing very short and just progressively make that turn a little longer while again, keeping that back swing short and connected, feel the shoulder turn, minimize the arm swing. Lower peers in 2016 approval rates include Yahoo (81.7%), Salesforce (60.2%), and Spunk (89.0%). Trust Fake Oakleys the engineering and take a dip.2. With concentrated sunlight and optimal environmental conditions, our calculations indicate that one person could Cheap Oakleys grow all of their food in an area the size of a large living room (25 square meters).. I absolutely agree that Cheap Oakleys these reserves have decreased the potential for rallies such as the ones we witnessed in 2005 and 2008 that took prices to over $15 and $13 per mmbtu, respectively. He was still enthusiastic. “I will not be completely, fully thrilled until the ink dries Fake Oakleys on paper and we know we’re staying in Oakland in a new stadium,” Perez said.

Koca Sinan


Mimar Sinan

1489-1588 yıllarında yaşamıştır. Dünyanın en büyük yapı sanatçılarından biridir.

Osmanlı baş mimarı ve inşaat mühendisidir.

Kayseri’de doğmuştur. Yavuz Sultan Selim zamanında İstanbul’a gelmiştir. Çok akıllı ve çalışkan olduğu için sarayda eğitim almıştır. Bu sırada mimarlığa özendi. Aynı zamanda birçok savaşa katılmıştır. Bu savaşlar sırasında Suriye, Mısır, Irak, İran, Balkanlar, Viyana gibi birçok ülkeyi görmüştür. Bu ülkelerdeki mimari eserleri inceleyerek bilgi topladı.

Süleymaniye cami İstanbul’daki en önemli eseridir.

Mimar Sinan 80 yaşına gelince Edirne’de Selimiye cami’ni yaptı. Bu onun ustalık eserim dediği eseridir.

Mimar Sinan’ın toplam 364 eseri vardır.

99 yaşında İstanbul’da vefat etmiştir.

Ölmeden önce mezarını kendisi yapmıştır. Mezarı Süleymaniye caminin köşeşindedir.

instructions for monopoly simpsons editionThat’s why it’s important to organise the competition better in the future but sometimes you’re speaking for the sake of it because who listens?”. For NPR News, I’m Emily Green in San Francisco.. And we believe that the network industry is an attractive vehicle for long term growth, and that scale is essential for Cumulus to continue to facilitate growth to make the proper investments. We Cheap Football Jerseys provide more financial support for students than any organization other than the federal government, and if that’s a definition of the mafia, that’s a pretty strange definition in my book.. Realizing that it was, in fact, France that was holding him and his country down, he spent his downtime penning a tune about the ass whooping his fellow countrymen would surely be dishing out sometime in the near future.. David Beedle, a sophomore, starts at left tackle. Here’s our basic roll cast. Yet another claims that the ground beneath contains a lot of quartz, which sparks up like Blanka from Street Fighter 2 when shaken by a tremor. I’m Dave Dreeas, here at Arizona Training Lab in Phoenix, Arizona. A handful of guys made remarks of, “This guy shouldn’t be in the league; this guy is disrespectful to women.” And then 10 minutes later you’ve got a guy making a joke about cheap oakleys it. From its rough and tumble origins to the current crop of multimillionaire celebrity players, “the beautiful game” has thrilled and captivated sports fans for more than 100 years. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens uses chia seeds in his diet to maintain a strong digestive track and increase his endurance as a star running back in the NFL.. So, the vast majority of the stuff wound up in a NFL Jerseys Cheap dumpster, because care workers don’t have time to re donate all that stuff back into charity when they, you know, have a bunch of traumatized kids to look after.. On average they can weigh 15 pounds and can keep neck to neck with their bald relatives on Fake Oakleys cargo weight. As I type, my 5 year old son is Cheap Football Jerseys in his room crying because he was frustrated that the ghost he was trying wholesale china jerseys to draw didn look enough like a ghost. And down it is absolutely wolf CNN. Meanwhile, banks that recorded the best small business lending performances are the ones most entrepreneurs have probably never heard of.. 280 Cheap china Jerseys crores to Rs. Downtown in Dallas Texas your going to find all kinds of stores with something for everyone. I’m Amy Newman, thanks for joining me.. It not until he dies and ends up on an autopsy table (that) a young junior pathologist examined Mike brain, and then discovers he has this neurological, neuro degenerative disease, CTE, the first in a football player.

İşte Mega Dünya


İste mega Dünya!

Yeni bir gezegen keşfedildi.

Kepler uzay teleskobu tarafından keşfedilen bir gezegen, Dünya’dan 2.3 kat daha büyük. “Kepler 10-c” adı verilen şaşırtıcı gezegen, Dünya’dan 17 kat daha ağır yani hidrojen ve helyumdan değil, kaya ve ağır elementlerden oluşuyor. Bilim insanları, ona “gezegenlerin godzillası” diyor. Bu sıradışı mega dünyaların nasıl oluştuğunu ise hala açıklanamıyor.

If the tear involves meniscus pain and swelling, then cortisone injections may prove to be of great help. Other equipment such as specially shaped pillows may also be prescribed.. A company can own several trademarks in their business. We had to Replica Oakleys leave early for a doctor’s appointment once, and my mom realized this fact rather suddenly when fake ray ban sunglasses she found she couldn’t get out of the service. Just until warm it is already cooked.. Saunders did not have a permit for the weapon. Moreover, the left spine of the smartphone device sports a micro USB/power connector and volume rocker, while camera activation or capture key, stylus and a power button sits on the right spine. In fact, studies have cheap football jerseys found that if just one person repeats the same opinion three times, it has a whopping 90 percent chance of converting three different people in the group to have the same opinion. He was known to take time out to sign autographs. I knew that I would get criticized. The loan is approved for an extended period of time with Cheap Oakleys lower amortization charges. It gave him exclusive rights to every Twickenham international. Football can make a man even more ridiculous than drink can.” So begins Arthur Hopcraft’s The Football Man, probably the best book written on the game despite now being 45 years old. Heavy weight, pow, lots of protein, protein shakes and those are just three great things you can do to really build those thighs up.. Okay. And the rock was the same basalt of the mountain right behind it, so it was definitely local. Plyometrics are the secret exercise, how about that. He made his professional debut in the NFL in 1980 with the Oakland Raiders. I just saying it. To put it bluntly, their silence on this (and some other matters) has been bought.. How do we define Intellectual Property for everyday use? Intellectual property is created by the mind, but the definition is more than you would assume it would cover. Made of inexpensive metal. So we believed Fake ray bans for a long time that mobile digital media was going to become a fairly big deal and in fact it has.. This article was written by Aaron Tallan. wholesale football jerseys But they aren’t doing it because they’re crazy anarchist rebels fighting the Power; Fake Oakleys they’re doing it to help make those websites safer, and because every bug they find nets them piles of big sexy money (as tempting as it would be to replace your boss’ profile picture with an ejaculating penis, wouldn’t you rather turn that vulnerability into a year’s rent?).. And initially that was part of the script. Those who worked in the offices of other health practitioners earned $166,210. ‘Undoubtedly much respect for what he has done. Indeed, a 2010 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that surgery was no better than physical therapy when it came to dealing with ACL injuries.

Okyanuslar Plastik Çöplüğü


Okyanuslar Plastik Çöplüğü

Yeni tamamlanan bir araştırma sonucuna göre, okyanuslarda 269.000 ton plastik yüzüyor. Bu da en az 5.25 trilyon plastik parça demektir ! rakamın büyüklüğü, okyanuslardaki insan kaynaklı kirlenmenin ne kadar korkunç boyutlara ulaştığını gösteriyor.

Bence kimse doğaya çöp atmamalı. Ben buna dikkat ediyorum.

Ben bu bilgileri Da Vinci Learning kitabından öğrendim.

best apps for sports aficionadosFor example, if you ask an attendant at Disney’s Haunted Mansion for a Death Certificate, they’ll print one out with your name on it, naively trusting that you won’t use it to fake your own death (again). And then you get a razor blade and go along the edge. The organization has yet to cheap jordans announce the investment bank that would run the sale for the trustees of Wilson’s estate.Commissioner Roger Goodell said at last week’s draft: “The intention is that whoever buys the team will be trying to make the team work in western New York.”. Belly button in towards your spine. It’s practice, and it’s also an accumulation of having done this pretty much every day since you were eight or nine years old. In return of the donation the entire complex was renamed as Ferry Field. Ultimately, their silence exposes just how quick some are to vilify a black man for peacefully standing up for his rights than they are to speak out against the violent killing of black people by police.. This is a great cheap nfl jerseys move to make when trying to block those linebackers in pursuit of a running back in the backfield.. Every investment we make, every decision we make, is made with the goal of getting a superior return on our capital. Baseball programs need money for uniforms, field improvements and equipment. Now I want to bring in michael wilbon from our espn co hosts. Add 2 tablespoons of the oil to each pan. And maybe bring some to the rescue for photo props.my dogs just got shaved and its in the middle of spring and its 40 degrees. As we finish in step 3, and our hands travel through the slot to contact, our weight begins to shift from back to middle. Think of OO Cheap NFL Jerseys as delivering a well written paper from an English class. In 2000, NATA elected its first female president.. Another thief decided that cheap China Jerseys the best mangoes were probably in ‘s house and tried to break in. Shaped who I am because of my family, but I always wanted to Baratas Ray Ban go into production. Once you see their response, you can Cheap Football Jerseys muster up the courage and go a little more public, like maybe a crafts fair. And I always tell people this is what works for me. Minnesota Vikings (5 0) If you had Minnesota as the last unbeaten team please head towards the cashier to collect your winnings. 7. This almost sets my pace and intensity for me right out of the gates. The basket is placed at a height of 10 feet. Robinson won the middleweight championship a record five times. The team can pay him for those Replica Oakleys three weeks, then release him. We when we first started this story, we went to every single police agency in a town or area where he had lived.




Radyasyon(ışının) elektromanyetik dalgalar veya parçacıklar biçimindeki enerji aktarımıdır.

Radyoaktif maddelerin alfa, beta, gamma gibi ışınları yaymasına radyasyon denir.

Televizyonda, elektronik aletlerde ve endüstride kullanılan bazı aletlerde ve güneşten gelen ışınlarda biraz radyasyon vardır. Bu yüzden televizyonu fazla seyretmemeliyiz. Güneşte fazla kalmamalıyız.

Radyasyon bizim DNA’mızı parçalayacak güçtedir. Böylece hücrelerimiz ölür. Ölen dokuların yerine kanser oluşur.

Günümüzde kanserin artma sebeplerinden biri de etrafımızdaki elektronik aletlerin çok olmasıdır. Çünkü azda olsa onlardan radyasyon yayılır. Radyasyonun azı bile zararlıdır.

Ben bu bilgileri Da Vinci Learning kitabından öğrendim.

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