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Arkadaşlar şimdi iki dükkan düşünün. Biri sirke, diğeri bal satıyor. Sizce hangisinden daha çok müşteri alışveriş yapıyor? Bununla ilgili size bir hikayem var.

Bir zamanlar biri bal satan, diyeri sirke satan iki dükkan varmış. Bal satan adamın dükkanından kimse alışveriş yapmazmış ama sirke satan adamın dükkanı çok iş yaparmış. Bal satan adam, sirke satan adama sormuş demişki: Benim dükkanım hiç iş yapmıyor ama senin dükkanın çok iş yapıyor. Nedenki acaba? demiş. Sirke satan adamda: Sen bal satıyorsun ama yüzün çok asık. Ben sirke satıyorum ama güler yüzlüyüm demiş. O günden sonra yüzü asık insanlara ” yüzü sirke satıyor” deyimi buradan gelmiş.


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average growth and a dividend kickerUnit, and Sony Corp’s (NYSE:SNE) Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment units were the outperformers. Indeed, it was this ability to rile up a crowd via music that first ingratiated him with the future Fake ray bans Fuehrer in 1923, when Putzi banged out some of his old football marches and sent Hitler prancing about his rundown Munich apartment in an awkward goosestep dance [citation needed]. I mean, we were as close as two people could be, and the experiences that we had growing up were, you know, side by side, and that’s why we were so excited to get involved with a project that just allowed us to make, you know, two and coming up on three books.. But because he decided to get both a PhD and a medical degree at the University of Chicago, he “only” graduated med school replica oakleys at the ripe old age of 21.. These people’s lives are not jokes. Nope: Like many teams in this age of spread offenses in college failing to produce NFL ready linemen, the Lions have O line woes and a banged up backfield. If the lights are highlighted above the Heavy, Delicate and Quick button, but not over the Normal button, this means that your dishwasher is experiencing a Temperature Sensor error. Two people held the ends of Fake ray bans the rubber ropes, but very close to the ground, about 6 inches above the pavement of the school yard. It’s a rated E for everyone game and it’s fun to play as well as funny with laughter and action going hand in hand.. Massage the body parts, especially the abdomen, in clockwise direction. The Pew Internet and American Life Project, with sponsorship from the MacArthur Foundation, took a deeper look in a new report called “Teens, Video Games and Civics.” Tuesday, they released a 76 page report cheap jordans showing their results.. The Colts offensive line is atrocious and Gore is well over 30 years old. You can add a cheap oakleys pinch of cayenne to almost any savory meal, and even include fresh cayenne and ginger in your smoothies.. We advise AFL footballers to reconsider their need to attend nightspots in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Istanbul. Pubescent boys may develop enlarged or painful penis size and excessive erections. The NFL’s refusal to letWilliams don pink after October isn’t the first controversy related to its breast cancer awareness campaign. Will Scotty feel pressure Replica ray bans to become the third Conover to make it to the NFL? Perhaps. There are Replica ray bans historical relationships between black men and big vicious dogs. 12, 2016, in Houston, to allow the Rams to move to a new stadium just outside Los Angeles, and the San Diego Chargers will have an option to share the facility. It honestly depends on your criteria.

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Hedefi olmayan gemiye hiçbir rüzgar yardım edemez.

Yani bir insanın hedefi yoksa ve plan yapmamışsa yerinde sayar.

Ama hedefi olan ve çaba gösteren insanlar ilerlerler.

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Well, the Cleveland Rams, who were preparing to relocate to Los Angeles, cheap oakleys wanted to sign Kenny Washington. This is a very, very popular Christian name right now because of the meaning and because of the celebrity ties.. Also, and we shouldn’t have to be the ones to Wholesale NFL Jerseys point this out, but unless these “time travelers” had some sort of slipstream technology installed in their OtterBoxes, there is no possible way their alleged cellphones would work in the past, because cell towers did not exist.. You have a wide stance and again take that clasp, start to exhale, move away from the low back and lower the torso down. On November 18, 2012, Nintendo released its first HD console in the United States, almost six years to the day after releasing the Nintendo Wii. And we will.”. Mitch walked him.”. That certainly was a big play in the ballgame. That pressure is perhaps as extreme as in sports.For parents like Nick Heras Sr. Paul, Minnesota, Cheap nfl jerseys Winfield (born 1951) attended the University of Minnesota and excelled in both basketball and baseball. He needs a break.. You got to have a focus.. And, you know, Don thought the owners were a bunch of crooks and the players, oakleys outlet they were terrific. But! The Texans are 2 in rushing offense, and the Jags are middle of the pack in rushing D. Athletic trainers play a vital role in sports at all levels, from youth athletics to the pros, and more and more of them are women. I rarely quit,” Ian said. Which is exactly what Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said would happen back in 2014.. Follow the “Become A Notary” link in the left sidebar menu on their site to determine if you are eligible to hold a commission, begin the application process and get started.. If they decide to be insufferable, then so be it. I am going to do everything I can to build a consistent winner.”. Download the Snapchat app (for iPhone and Android), if you haven’t already. We are lowering our standards, in general. Then I married someone whose family has had Eagles season tickets for over 50 years. “Want to go back to my place?” and see my collection of expensive paintings? Now this line, folks, showed an extra amount of self confidence by Replica ray bans the man using it to impress a girl. Sure, he turns out to be right, but nobody has any good reason to take him seriously, because every other scientist they consult think he’s crazy.. ET Oct. And more specifically, domestic abuse against Cheap china Jerseys women and children at the hands of men who play in the jordan sale NFL.. A: I think the conspiracy theorists will be angry and unconvinced, while the general public may conclude UFOs are not a worthwhile topic.

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”Tatlı dil, yılanı deliğinden çıkartır.” Sözü, tatlı dilli ve güler yüzlü olmayı anlatır. Ama bir de güler yüzlü olmazsak atasözünün hiç bir anlamı kalmaz. Güzel sözler, kaşımızdaki öfkeliyse bile onu sakinleştirir, kızgınlığını geçirir.


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If an overhand throw is all they can do, then that’s what must be done, but try to have them do the underhand toss. See? Game of cheap nfl jerseys Thrones is just carrying on the tradition.. Cheap NFL Jerseys The local stories are the lead stories up north. Not this time, although Prescott struggles. I seek out fantastic companies with the intention to buy, and never sell assuming the underlying traits of that company don’t change in a way as to undermine the earnings power that made it an attractive holding in the first place.. FieldTurf claimed TenCate altered the chemical formulation of cheap jerseys the fiber, making it more susceptible to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Cheap Jerseys Stories emerged about his drive and Cheap Oakleys discipline. After just six starts, this might sound premature but Hooker has shown the raw attributes to develop into a special player.. If they look brown on top, they’re done; you can remove them from the sandwich maker and repeat the process with the rest of the pancake batter.. A Throw From An Outfielder. But if you go further back in time, you can find much more devastating examples. Then, the Bears told me they don’t cheap nfl jerseys even let their assistant coaches take the tapes with them. I said, I all about the Los Angeles Rams. It is that precise.”And that’s not all he has on that ever growing checklist. According to Google’s blogpost, now with Drive, a user can insert files up to 10GB that is 400 times larger than what you can send as a traditional attachment, from Drive directly into an email. Turtle Beach is a very popular brand, and this particular model is quite effective. After the damp squib came the firecracker. Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is a type of lipid that has been linked to increased concentrations of HDL cholesterol in the blood. Newberry is one of eight players named in the suit, which also includes former Chicago Bears players Jim McMahon, Richard Dent and Keith Van Horne.. How each team arrived in the top six is irrelevant they are there and if they can come up with the right game plan, make the right selections and execute under pressure, they are a big chance.. With another pick to come later in this first round, this selection can be used as a luxury.. Well, the almanac falls into the wrong hands, mayhem ensues, and “Back to the Future Part II” goes on to become the third highest grossing replica oakleys movie of 1989. Definitely for those who are into American football betting.Wayne also focused that he is fully prepared to face the team on the coming Saturday and will beat the opponent on a very massive scale.

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“Amacı olmayan bir gemiye hiçbir rüzgar yardım edemez.”



Bir insanın hedefi yoksa geleceğini planlamamışsa yerinde saymaya mahkumdur. Ancak hedefi olan ve bunun için çaba gösteren insanlar ilerleme kaydedebilir. Kendine bir yol çizmeyen insan kurumuş yaprak gibi rüzgarda savrulmaya mahkumdur.  Başarmak için istemek, hedef belirlemek ve çok çalışmak gerekir.


Despite playing an awful game throughout, with streams of Seattle fans heading to the exits with four minutes left, the Seahawks came back from nowhere to score two quick touchdowns and have Wilson instantly emerge as the best player on the field. 5 overall in the 1990 draft out of the University of Southern California, and played 12 stellar years for the San Diego Chargers. At least, he must match Lord Henrik, whose superior to Fleury in almost every way.. ET Aug. Sirius XM has evolved into a company that can now add subscribers at a nice clip while still generating record amounts of free cash flow Cheap Football Jerseys in the process. We’re optimizing the hours for guess experience captains based on restaurant level restaurant sales levels. I have to hand it to him, that man speaks so eloquently that I think cheap jerseys he may just be my new man crush. The problem is that it also has micro management and paranoia.. He was held out with a cut on his ear before being given the OK to return in the second quarter.Smith was injured on that play when he tried to scramble on the opening drive but took a hit on his slide.Nick Foles replaced Smith at quarterback for the Chiefs in both instances.Chiefs running back Spencer Ware also suffered a concussion and was ruled Replica ray bans out.In other Week 8 injury news: Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Jacquizz Rodgers suffered a foot injury and was ruled out for the remainder of the game. 2 overall selection. But we see when a customer takes a tablet on to a smartphone cheap nfl jerseys account they actually cheap ray bans end up adding more devices, their churn is lower and their ARPA is higher. I just hope poor Wonder Woman won’t be reduced to asking the two male heroes how they think they’re going to do in the second half of the movie.. Like DISH, fake ray ban sunglasses installation is free and there’s no equipment to buy. El 13 de abril de 2001 los Rams le ofrecieron un contrato de cinco aos y 9.6 millones de dlares. 15? Maddon said before the game. Underdevelopment of the hamstrings is the main cause of hamstring inflexibility and that is not the only problem associated with underdeveloped hammies. Nothing has changed from that standpoint. Didn turn out very well. The Packers boast a strong balance sheet, with $293 million in equity versus just $34 million of debt. By the next day, he had fired the PIAT so many times that his eardrums had burst, thus setting up false ending number two. This finding is consistent with the transcriptomic profiling study by Fenelon et al.11 On the other hand, the HPC proteome showed fake oakleys a trend towards downregulation of differentially expressed proteins. He feels really good, he says. A report being released Wednesday by IBM Corp.

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Bir demir nasıl dövülerek şekil alıyor ise insan da ancak çalışarak ve eğitim ile kendini geliştirebilir. Bize bu deyimde demirin paslanmasından çok çalışmanın gerekliliği vurgusu yapılmaktadır.

fox news’ elisabeth hasselbeck compares nfl’s domestic abuse cases with benghaziThis is, Fake ray bans once again, one that has a fixed nose piece. Nike outlet The hilfiger soil nop jerseys and supra footwear into nike free shoes the michael kors bags mud bos jersey after jimmy choo several people ray ban black friday round coach black friday the oakley sunglasses class, michael kors inviting ed hardy clothing voice air max 2015 shouting ray bans northwest washington wizards wind, nike air max 2015. But Martinsville is halfway back to its pre meltdown figure and looks like a lock to reach it in the years to come. By the stringent mathematic analyses of the concordant methylation behaviors of the nineteen genes (including the four in the previous study27), the subsets of the two to nine genes have been established in HCC and its cirrhosis/non cirrhosis subgroups, which may cheap football jerseys provide the useful oakley sunglasses clues for the DNA methylation based diagnostic and prognostic assays for HCC.Top of pageMATERIALS AND METHODSTissue samples and DNA extractionWith the informed consent of all patients and donors and approval of the ethics committee, the samples of tumor and adjacent non cancerous tissues were collected from HCC patients (n = 28) during surgery at The Qidong County Hospital, The Oriental Institute for Liver Diseases and Guangxi Provincial Hospital, respectively. A few ladies who were in the room helped make the final decision for another look thus saving Rashan from disrupting his personal style. Antibiotic use on such a broad scale leads to resistant microbes. Later, there will be an Cheap NFL Jerseys opportunity for your questions and instructions will be given at that time. Dan harris, abc news, new york. But this is not the first time that activists have shut down a Vick appearance. Harsh? Wait until you meet the Coachella Valley Arabs. Most stations already have sportscasters, so if they do hire you, you likely will be doing grunt work in some other area unrelated Cheap NFL Jerseys to sports. What the tempo does is it changes your tempo and gives you more time to release the club and hit it more square.. A, Nuclear magnetic relaxation curves at the critical field H = 0.66 T at different temperatures. Carruth, a Cheap NFL Jerseys former NFL wide receiver, was sentenced to more than 18 years in prison for conspiring to kill Cherica L. De novo cytoplasmic immuno reactivity for Cheap Football Jerseys Bad was observed in ganglion cells and in few cells in the inner nuclear layer (Figure 3a). Head on head collision, 15 yards. Now he finds himself on waivers after the Sox decided to release him. McPhee’s letter said Harrison would meet with the NFL at on Aug.

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Her zaman büyük hayal  kurmalıyız.

Başarıya ulaşmanın ilk basamağı hayal kurmaktır. Tıpkı dünyaca ünlü bilim insanı Albert Einstein gibi.

Yine Einstein’ın dediği gibi “Mantık  sizi A noktasından B noktasına götürür, hayal gücü ise her yere götürür.”

And when we talk about hitting behind trees and.. It’s the coaching. Also potentially the site of new oil pipeline Photographer/mountaineer Cory wholesale nfl jersyes Richards shows what it like to climb an 8,000 meter peak in winter. Except the Dodgers stumbled when Roark struggled. His great record for a while there at Denver notwithstanding.. They found that no body measurements are particularly effective to predict strength. And they comforted themselves a bit cheap ray bans by noting at least Te’o doesn’t have a mugshot that made the rounds on the Internet, as Manziel did. LBS: STRONG SAFETY AND WILL BACKER MUST GO FLAT DOWN THE LINE AND JAM 2. I like to add to winners and use the house’s money (unrealized gains) as risk for bigger profits. Boston bounced back with championships in 1974 and 1976. “He is an asset who could have left for nothing next year. The Coast Guard would be searching by sea and air too. Rainwater, I said, with a gulp, on the phone.. The ultimate coffee shop with real seating, Kennedy’s has large display windows that frame the neighborhood a border of shrubs and office buildings, a small church, and busy traffic that reminds its patrons why breaking away from NBA Jerseys Cheap the bustle adds joy to the day. But Topps, the best known of the sports card companies, is not cheap jordan ready to give up on the younger generation. Her face was beats by dre proud and uggs stern, michael kors outlet online as moncler outlet it asics running shoes always sac louis vuitton was polo lacoste pas cher when she sat ray ban sunglasses outlet at kate spade outlet the celine bags desk of her office. Antonio Tarver shocked the world, and more importantly Roy Jones, with a stunning 2nd round KO out of nowhere. The fans reacted with disgust, naming some of the new squads the Washington Scab Skins, the Chicago Spare Bears and the San Francisco Phony Niners [source: Diaz].. Depending on your loads, your gun’s condition you may never get one whole group at 100 yards but if you practice you can’t help but get better.. Is Polaris getting brighter? Stars appear to rotate around Replica ray bans Polaris, the north star, in this long exposure picture taken near the Cheap NFL Jerseys China 4 meter telescope dome at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. But they’ve href=”http://cheapjerseysupply.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys never met, which is really kind of interesting.. Joining us to talk about all this is Kavitha Davidson who writes about sports for Bloomberg View. This is the classic type of average when your overall performance on many items is evaluated with a single number..

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ÇALIŞKANÇaba gösterilmeden, sıkıntı çekilmeden istenilen sonuç elde edilemez.

Ben doktor olacağım demekle doktor olamazsın çaba gösterip çalışmalısın plan yapmalısın . Yorulup emek vermeden öylesine bir ödev yapıyorsan, okuldan gelip baştan sağma ödev yapıp TV izlemeye gidiyorsan asla doktor olamazsın.

acquitted honeymoon killer speaks about bizarre behaviour at wife tina’s graveHell, that’s a pretty good start, guys! Scary stuff. Clay had 35 catches through eight games last season. 9. Surveillance footage surfaced of him carrying a seemingly unconscious Cheap Jerseys Palmer out of an elevator, his arms hooked under hers, her legs dragging on the ground.. They do not have many commercials or magazine advertisements. The team that just went 2 14 and fired the coach is wooing the coach who just got fired for going 4 12. Eldorado’s producing mines are all in Turkey, China, Greece and Brazil Fake ray bans which means there is some country risk involved with Eldorado, just as I assume there has to be risk betting on the Cardinals to Cheap china Jerseys make a serious playoff run without Carson Palmer, or Drew Stanton, or Andre Ellington, or half their defense, or., well I think you get the picture. As you see from the results we’re reporting today, cheap ray bans we had another terrific quarter, and our momentum continues to build. Hubley actually was an ex communist who participated in labor strikes.. The largest segment of online gambling is sports betting, comprising 41% of the overall market value. “Well, I started thinking about this in 2011 during the NBA player lockout. Don’t get us wrong if you went back to the medieval era in a time machine, you would hate it for all of the five minutes it took the locals to murder you for witchcraft. Think about what exercises are similar to the specific competition and do them. Even a glass of fruit juice or one of those healthy looking smoothies contains as much sugar as a fizzy drink far better to eat the fruit itself.. Underprivileged children do not always receive the necessary proper nutrition either prenatally or postnatally. However, please note that there already cheap china jerseys is a which describes the differences already. There is no promotion or relegation; the only changes occur when new teams are admitted or when a cheap ray bans franchise moves to another city for financial reasons.. Robert Downey Jr. “The NFL right now has record revenue, they have record TV ratings, they’ve never been worth more, and yet they’re still Replica Oakleys asking the players for a billion dollars back on the salary cap because they’ve deemed it that they’re not making enough money.”. Kansas State fans will tune in to watch Beasley play they wouldn’t bother if he went pro out of high school. Despite the progress of diagnostic and surgical procedures, potentially curative surgery may be expected in only 10 of the ductal pancreatic cancer patients.

Aç Kurt



Sabır taşı.      Anlamı: Aşırı derecede sabırlı.

Göğsü kabarmak.      Anlamı: Övünç, kıvanç duymak.

Faka basmak.      Anlamı: Aldatılmak, tuzağa düşürülmek.


Aç kurt yavrusunu yer.      Anlamı: Aç bırakılan bir insan, en yakınlarına zarar verebilir.

Az olsun, uz olsun.      Anlamı: Yapılan işin az olması değil, yararlı, yeterli ve sağlam olması önemlidir.

Çok söyleme arsız edersin, aç bırakma hırsız edersin.      Anlamı: Bak aç bırakma hırsız edersin.

Curt Schilling doesn’t tell people Cheap Jerseys what they want to hear just to please them. NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said Tuesday a flag should have been thrown on the play.The 27 year old missed one game earlier this season with a concussion, and it’s been a tough year for him altogether with the defending NFC champion Panthers standing at just 2 5.The league and NFL Players Association conducted an investigation after he absorbed several hits to the head in the opener vs. Nearly every player believes that they have the winning fantasy football formula. He finished 4th in the balloting for that year, behind Ryan Leaf, Peyton Manning, and Charles Woodson. And since both our bodies were mostly numb, things got . Replica Oakleys And they call us whingeing Poms.”. Many are invited to enter fantasy football sites by friends. Barrett and Houston Greg Ward Jr.. Beating them 4 0 twice in three days, the late William Gallas winner in the aftermath of Peter Osgood’s cheap jerseys wholesale death was poignant, a 3 1 victory in the first game after the Matthew Harding tragedy will forever be etched in our history. But Diana Moskovitz of the sports news website Deadspin has a different take. Adequate research. So, you’re going cheap oakleys to place the foam roll right underneath your thigh, your heel is on the floor. They feel that oakley sunglasses outlet they need to constantly work out in order to attain these goals. Young women have a crystal clear agenda: they want the career, the wardrobe, the smartly furnished house, the 4×4 and the cute kids they’ll ferry in it to expensive schools. His teams are 5 22 on the road, winning just twice in the last three seasons away from Jacksonville. Experienced officials in Pop Warner can point out common penalties, identify difficult coaches and offer tips for avoiding potential crowd disruptions during the game. Fantasy Tip: Patriots TE Martellus Bennett coming off third 100 yard game of season and could be in for another big day with Rob Gronkowski nursing injury and listed as out for the game on Friday’s injury report.. Dogs have two glands around their anus, and sacs that emit a fluid. When considering an article, think about something that many people look for in discount football jerseys searches. We encourage investors to consider all measures before making an investment decision.. It may actually hurt to touch your breasts and the tenderness may extend into your armpit. Mr. In 2005, Congress put a law into effect to increase fines for television nudity. Fake Oakleys A favorite computer spot of the college students who also enjoy their diverse menu of breakfast, sandwich, and dinner items, many named for movie favorites, often with an Asian twist (shrimp and grits, pancakes, the My Fair Lady (sliced chicken), Ben Hur, Some Like It Hot, and South Pacific are perennial choices) , Majestic Grille also hosts swing dancing (Sat), international students, sorority rush groups, and families.

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“Pislik ve Veba” yazımda ayrıntılı anlattığım Avrupa’daki pislikten doğan bir değim vardır. Bu deyimin hikayesi şöyledir.
Eskiden Avrupa’da insanlar tuvaletlerini sokağa yaparmış. Padişah ya soylu kişiler sokağa tuvaletlerini yaptıklarında yanında gezen bir görevli hemen işe koyulurmuş.
görevli soylu kişinin gübresinin üstüne bir kaz tüyü dikermiş. Bu tüy o gübrenin soylu bir kişiye ait olduğunu olduğunu gösterirmiş.
Böylece yapılan kötü bir iş daha da kötü  hale getirilirmiş.
Günümüzde bu deyim kötü yapılan bir işi düzeltmeye çalışırken daha da kötüleştirenler için kullanılır.
Mesela; bilgisayarı kirleten çocuğun bilgisayarı suyla yıkaması gibi.
Ali Semih KURT

directv q4 2007 earnings wholesale nfl jerseys call transcriptHeartbreak. They can also drive into a basket, but generally they’re going to stay on the outside, and they’re going to also help the point guard distribute the ball. Dogs are loyal and they run after balls.” 1943 Cheap Football Jerseys St. Despite a good start for the business, Buffett contends that Berkshire is extremely cautious about the business and even goes so cheap jordans far as to say he does not know if it will ultimately prove to be a good business.. In previous season I had a group of quarterbacks. Which means that Brady, upon his return from exile in week five, will be leading the division no matter what.. And therefore the stacking deals that we’ve done which is to put in season program in season stacking on the MVPDs is done because we’d like the MVPDs to continue to be able to provide us NBA Jerseys Cheap with monetization, a robust form of monetization over a long period of time, it’s really that simple. It consisted of true stories about people wholesale jerseys who had overcome impossible odds to accomplish amazing things.. The 30 year old pop star sang her chart topping hit, Fake Oakleys Roar, as she made her way through a hundred glowing orbs while wearing a fiery dress made by Jeremy Scott.. After many calls to the rare car dealership nearby, Mark was able to convince the owner to donate the use of the Batmobile for the fundraiser, with the stipulation that Mark pay for the advertising and transportation costs, as well as arrange permissions from Warner Brothers. Earlier this week, Netflix announced that all 236 episodes of “Friends” would be available exclusively on the service in 2015. What you want to do is make sure that all the graphics are heading in, because some wheels like I said have different shapes, so, you’re going to want to make sure that they’re all exactly the same. He served as treasurer for the oldest YMCA summer camp in the nation, Camp Dudley, where he managed an $8 million endowment. A graph can make it much easier to notice trends that are not as obvious when viewing the raw data, which makes it much easier to make predictions.. I was as homophobic as they come. This is beneficial in that you get to know your customers personally. A: No. Story short, [Rivera] has rules in place. Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, strawberries and cranberries are an excellent source of vitamin C. The Miami Dolphins, South Florida is a historically fickle professional sports market. This is because, usage of DHEA will vary from one person to another. It’s a stage Coates found himself thrust into in Denver, when he caught two passes for 67 yards against the Broncos while trying to fill the massive void Wholesale Jerseys left by Brown. Watching movies is a great way of keeping oneself entertained.