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Soyulur Ama Yenmez


1.Tavuk ayda kaç yumurta yapar?
2.Gökte açık pencere, kalaylı bir tencere?
3.Hangi araba ile seyahat edilmez?
4.Bize ait olduğu halde başkalarının kullandığı şey nedir?
5.Soyulur ama yenmez?
6.Bir Çinli ne zaman günaydın der?
7.Bozulduğu halde tamir edilemeyen şey nedir?


Cevap:1.Tavuk aya çıkamaz 2.Ay 3.El arabası 4.isim 5.Banka 6.Türkçe öğrendiğinde 7.Hava

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Al Yastık İçine Un Bastık


Merhaba Arkadaşlar,

Size bazı bilmeceler soracağım. Bakalım kaçını bilebileceksiniz.

  1. Hangi adam hamama girmez
  2. Al yastık, içine un bastık
  3. Yeşil mantolu, kırmızı entarili, siyah düğmeli
  4. Bir çalışkan oğlum var, ay gider, yıl gider, günlerce yol gider ancak bir adım gider
  5. Beraber gezer, birbirine benzer
  6. Herkes çatır çutur yer, insanı sinir eder
  7. Başı var, gözü yok


Cevaplar; 1. Kardan adam 2. İğde 3. Karpuz 4. Kapı 5. Ayakkabı 6. Çekirdek 7. Toplu İğne

The rest Fake ray bans of us are probably waiting for the day when they realize they need actual friends for fun and emotional support, but that day may never come. An antenna works like an open umbrella on a sunny day. These online templates are offered free of charge to users. According to the NFL code, which has been known to benefit the Patriots from time to time, footballs must be inflated with between 12 1/2 and 13 1/2 pounds of air, and weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. The good news is that Mozilla, developers of the awesomely cool Firefox oakley sunglasses outlet browser, have a version for Mac OS nfl jerseys cheap X available. StockTwits would be a perfect fit for Yahoo to enhance Yahoo Finance. After spending the first half of the season on the injury report with a hamstring problem, Gronkowski was hurt again on Nov. Sutter clearly thought that was the case 72 seconds into an Replica Oakleys eventual 2 1 Kings overtime win. “Some of these guys exercise greater influence than others,” said one source. Everything is going their way. Slice the steak, against the grain, into thin slices. Even so, the jury only awarded $1 in damages, a far cry from the $1.7 cheap football jerseys billion in damages sought by the USFL. 24. You may habe heard of cheap football jerseys that crazy wrap thing! Or that crazy wrap lady! Yup thats me:) I love what I do and the freedom this company gives me. These are only my personal opinions and you should do your own homework. Peyton Manning jerseys are quite simple. While a loss in the standings would have severely hurt their playoff chances, the fact that Andrew Luck is in concussion protocol may prove more costly. Don’t sacrifice too early just to win Fake ray bans the battle and risk losing the war.3) “The sterner the discipline, the greater the devotion.” (Pete Carill, former basketball coach)Coming from a former basketball coach, this sports motivational quote makes a lot of sense.Life would be so much easier if everyone had discipline. The playoff picture is less convoluted in the NFC. We know this because their last opponent was the Seattle Seahawks, who also has a mobile quarterback, Russell Wilson. You may need to proceed with the download again using Internet Explorer to ensure proper recognition of your software. Starting at the very first time you have the ball, even if your opponent has already scored, let the playclock run down to 1 to 2 seconds every single time, before snapping the ball. It is, however, a widespread practice, particularly at retail department stores like Meijer, Walmart and Target. If you like sports then this will be a good update tool, but if you are more of a casual viewer you may want to just wait for Sports Center. Retail cards tend to carry higher interest rates on unpaid balances than conventional unsecured cards, so don charge what you can pay off quickly.