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Okyanuslar Plastik Çöplüğü


Okyanuslar Plastik Çöplüğü

Yeni tamamlanan bir araştırma sonucuna göre, okyanuslarda 269.000 ton plastik yüzüyor. Bu da en az 5.25 trilyon plastik parça demektir ! rakamın büyüklüğü, okyanuslardaki insan kaynaklı kirlenmenin ne kadar korkunç boyutlara ulaştığını gösteriyor.

Bence kimse doğaya çöp atmamalı. Ben buna dikkat ediyorum.

Ben bu bilgileri Da Vinci Learning kitabından öğrendim.

best apps for sports aficionadosFor example, if you ask an attendant at Disney’s Haunted Mansion for a Death Certificate, they’ll print one out with your name on it, naively trusting that you won’t use it to fake your own death (again). And then you get a razor blade and go along the edge. The organization has yet to cheap jordans announce the investment bank that would run the sale for the trustees of Wilson’s estate.Commissioner Roger Goodell said at last week’s draft: “The intention is that whoever buys the team will be trying to make the team work in western New York.”. Belly button in towards your spine. It’s practice, and it’s also an accumulation of having done this pretty much every day since you were eight or nine years old. In return of the donation the entire complex was renamed as Ferry Field. Ultimately, their silence exposes just how quick some are to vilify a black man for peacefully standing up for his rights than they are to speak out against the violent killing of black people by police.. This is a great cheap nfl jerseys move to make when trying to block those linebackers in pursuit of a running back in the backfield.. Every investment we make, every decision we make, is made with the goal of getting a superior return on our capital. Baseball programs need money for uniforms, field improvements and equipment. Now I want to bring in michael wilbon from our espn co hosts. Add 2 tablespoons of the oil to each pan. And maybe bring some to the rescue for photo props.my dogs just got shaved and its in the middle of spring and its 40 degrees. As we finish in step 3, and our hands travel through the slot to contact, our weight begins to shift from back to middle. Think of OO Cheap NFL Jerseys as delivering a well written paper from an English class. In 2000, NATA elected its first female president.. Another thief decided that cheap China Jerseys the best mangoes were probably in ‘s house and tried to break in. Shaped who I am because of my family, but I always wanted to Baratas Ray Ban go into production. Once you see their response, you can Cheap Football Jerseys muster up the courage and go a little more public, like maybe a crafts fair. And I always tell people this is what works for me. Minnesota Vikings (5 0) If you had Minnesota as the last unbeaten team please head towards the cashier to collect your winnings. 7. This almost sets my pace and intensity for me right out of the gates. The basket is placed at a height of 10 feet. Robinson won the middleweight championship a record five times. The team can pay him for those Replica Oakleys three weeks, then release him. We when we first started this story, we went to every single police agency in a town or area where he had lived.




Radyasyon(ışının) elektromanyetik dalgalar veya parçacıklar biçimindeki enerji aktarımıdır.

Radyoaktif maddelerin alfa, beta, gamma gibi ışınları yaymasına radyasyon denir.

Televizyonda, elektronik aletlerde ve endüstride kullanılan bazı aletlerde ve güneşten gelen ışınlarda biraz radyasyon vardır. Bu yüzden televizyonu fazla seyretmemeliyiz. Güneşte fazla kalmamalıyız.

Radyasyon bizim DNA’mızı parçalayacak güçtedir. Böylece hücrelerimiz ölür. Ölen dokuların yerine kanser oluşur.

Günümüzde kanserin artma sebeplerinden biri de etrafımızdaki elektronik aletlerin çok olmasıdır. Çünkü azda olsa onlardan radyasyon yayılır. Radyasyonun azı bile zararlıdır.

Ben bu bilgileri Da Vinci Learning kitabından öğrendim.

Some famous (current) cyclists have been accused of this recently but no evidence has been forthcoming. When we compared the model simulations for the network structure with the quadruple aa input to our experimental data, we found that Baratas Replicas Ray Ban the simulations qualitatively reproduced the response dynamics of wholesale jerseys the mTOR network to insulin plus aa (Supplementary Fig. What you should do is run for lower ground like your ass is on fire (which it may soon be) and then scrunch into a tiny ball with just your feet touching the ground. This is how the bet cheap China Jerseys is equalized on the betting slip. Typically a strong competition team spends 20 30 hours a week dancing. ”It Fake Oakleys has been referred to, inappropriately, as the AFL’s Vietnam and a bridge too far,” said Holmes at the launch. Adequate sleep also helps athletes recover mental sharpness that diminishes with fatigue.. It might take some time before you start making good money at it, but if you focus on it, there is no doubt that you will make money. The favorable temperature range is between 60 75 degrees F. Get all the safety gear and learn how to use it. That kind of thing takes place in the media instead. Not somebody that we need to be scare off, or afraid.”. With a dangerously low hemoglobin count, Sager had six blood transfusions over a 24 hour period before returning to Atlanta.. Baltimore used 234 yards everywhere over the the carpets Baratas Ray Ban and three rushing touchdowns to understand more about force going to be the Patriots to learn more about play back and forth from behind,after which you can rent it out their defense worry about the rest.NFL oakley sunglasses outlet football betting enthusiasts who took Baltimore as +3 road underdogs were mentally counting their winnings before the put wholesale Jerseys an end to to do with going to be the let me give you quarter. The Patriots defense stepped up this year, which was evident in the playoffs. My average hubs are viewed/ read by about 30 people a day, my most popular hubs are read by 100 people a day. My kodi/raspberry Pi2 has been working great until now. Determine if the pattern you want is a free download or not. There’s the potential, again. He’s trying to figure out if this could apply to concussed human beings.. Punter Johnny Hekker is averaging 44.5 yards per kick and has put 15 of 27 of his kicks inside the 20. The league said the collective bargaining agreement establishes that team doctors’ responsibility is to the player only, and that they are bound by the AMA and other professional codes of ethics..


Suriye’de çok büyük bir savaş oluyor. İnsanların çoğu savaştan kaçmaya çalışırken denizlerde boğularak öldü.
Keşke savaşlar olmasaydı. Suriye’de binlerce insan öldü. Bizimde Suriyeli komşularımız var. O Suriyelilere üzülüyorum. Onların bazı akrabaları ölmüş.
Işıklarda beklerken Suriyeli çocuklar görüyorum. Arabaların arasında mendil satmaya çalışıyorlar. Onları görünce üzülüyorum.
İnşallah savaşlar biter ve herkes mutlu olur.

Ali Semih KURT

how to diagnose ecu tendonitisCBS hopes to get football fans used to calling up their channel on Thursdays, so when highly rated comedies such as Big Bang Theory and Two and A Half Men return to the night Oct. The Spartans are also known for (usually) solid special teams and a talent for calling a well timed trick play that seems to turn the tide of a game going down in the loss column. Is to uphold the integrity of the game and uphold the rules of the game and make sure that all 32 teams are operating under the same rules, all players are operating under the same rules,” Goodell said. The money aspect of it just forced them to not cheap football jerseys pay attention.”. The NFL stars carried on with their demonstrations as the 15th anniversary of 9/11 was marked in stadiums across the country.New England Patriots players, Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty raised their fists after the national anthem on Sunday night before their game against the Arizona Cardinals.They have become the latest in the NFL to join the protest started by KaepernickAt least Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys four Dolphins players Arian Foster, Michael Thomas, Kenny Stills and Jelani Jenkins refused to stand before their game at the Seattle Seahawks who stood and locked arms on the other side of the field.The Dolphins subsequently released a statement to the Palm Beach Post on the controversy: ‘We encourage all members of our organization to stand at attention during the national anthem out of respect and appreciation for the freedoms we are afforded as Americans.The rest of his team linked arms before the kick off of their game against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday in a sign of ‘unity”We also recognize wholesale nfl jersyes that it’s an individual’s right to reflect during the anthem in different ways.’We respect jordan sale these liberties and appreciate the sacrifices that everyone has made for our country, especially on this day of remembrance.Peters’ demonstration is similar to cheap football jerseys the Black Power Salute Tommie Smith and John Carlos performed during a medal ceremony at the 1968 Olympics.The pairrefused to stand as NFL players and teams made plans to join the stance before their kickoffs on Sunday, the 15th anniversary of 9/11But not a single New York Jets or Cincinnati Bengals player kneeled down or staged a protest before their game in the Big Apple.That was also the case before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants in Arlington.High school football players have started to kneel as the protest continue to spread across the country.Teenagers were captured carrying out their own pre game demonstrations sparked by the controversial San Francisco 49ers quarterback.At Lincoln Southeast in Nebraska, two players one white, one African American took a knee as a silent protest.Members of the team at Waggener High in Louisville, Kentucky, a player took a knee as his teammates stood alongside him,USA Todayreported.At Auburn High in Rockford, Illinois, a group of players took a knee during the anthem.However, some of their teammates stood on the sidelines with their hands over their hearts.Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin revealed on Saturday that the team will ‘stand and interlock arms in unity’ during the anthem before their fake oakleys outlet game on Sunday.Baldwin released a black and white video, which scrolls through the head shot of Cheap NFL Jerseys every player, on his Twitter page to announce the news.’We are a team comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Fakirleri Sevindirmek


Fakirleri Sevindirmek

Merhaba arkadaşlar;

Bugün sizlere fakir insanlara yardım etmek ve onları sevindirmek hakkında yazacağım.

Akrabalarımızdan,mahallemizden,arkadaşlarımızdan fakir insanlar olabilir.Bizler onlara her yönden destek vermeliyiz.

Mesela sokaktaki fakir ,karnı aç birini gördüğümüzde ekmeğimizi,yiyeceklerimizi,giyeceklerimizi paylaşabilir ve onlarıda mutlu edebiliriz.

Hepimiz fakir insanlara destek olarak güzel bir dünya kurabiliriz.

ismail Hakkı Karakaya

Şampiyonlar Sınıfı 2/A


The Redskins continual slide into ineptness cheap nfl jerseys continued last year as wholesale jerseys china they finished with a record of 4 12. The sections were cheap nfl jerseys stored at Before immunolabeling, they cheap ray bans were treated with cold methanol for 10 min at After washing with PBS, 2% BSA (in PBS) was applied to sections for 30 min. Considering the teams lack of a running game and Phillip Rivers constantly being pestered by pass rushers, the Chargers should select Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil with the third overall pick. We have already seen minutes become unlimited; the only rationed item is data. Locate your seat number on the back of your seat and sit down. St Kilda, after all, have been the more consistent side in 2015 and made the greater progress on Replica Oakleys the field particularly when measured against the expectation that they would be repeat wooden spooners. We launched our full our first fully functional API with Bandsintown, enabling fans to directly search Ticketmaster’s inventory and buy tickets without leaving Bandsintown app. But that’s not how it’s done. We try to deal with it in presenting the information to them in lay terms, not condescendingly so, and folks will learn a lot about the game by way of what we say and how we present it. Amino acids (aa) activate mTORC1. In contrast, only 10% of children who went to court without an attorney were permitted to stay.”. We want to make sure the thighs are very close together so there’s cheap football jerseys not any space here. After decades of successfully teaching kids about the elementary facts of life shapes, letters, and . All you really need is a good iron and a sharp knife to but it on.. This awareness breeds the strong self confidence that’s a main factor of emotional intelligence, according to Goleman.. You get a grid based 12 icons menu system, which are: Web, Messages, Map, Contacts, Missed alerts, History, Photos, My account, Settings, My stuff, Media Player and Tools. What you imagined are the spiral curls. Historical Context” and “III. I think that speaking out and making people aware of the fact that you are paying homage to an anthem that also has a constituency that by the millions suffer is a righteous thing to do. You can play full contact football with tackling and blocking or play two hand touch rules with flags at your waist. She was rumored to be seen getting Wholesale China Jerseys very close to French dancer Larry Bourgeois at a Hollywood party. Just broke up he just gave a 15 yard penalty on one of the most beautiful tackles made this year.

Şehit Dedem



Benim anneannemin dedesi 1915’te Çanakkale’de şehit olmuş. Onun adı: Hocaoğullarından Süleyman Oğlu Hasan Çavuş. Niğde’nin Bor ilçesinin Balcı köyünde yaşıyormuş. Hasan dedem savaşa gittiğinde 3 çocuğu varmış. en küçük çocuğu bebekmiş. onun 3 çocukğuda anneleriyle babasız büyümüş.

Hasan dedemin Balcı köyündeki şehitler taşında adı yazıyormuş. Bir gün köyümüze gidip dedemin anıt mezar taşını görmek isterin. Onun gerçek bir mezarı yok. Çünkü Çanakkale’den ölüsü bile gelmemiş. Belki yazın Çanakkale’ye gider orada dedemi ziyaret ederim.

Bu sene Çanakkale zaferinin 100. yılıydı.

Bu da benim 100. yazım olduğu için bu yazımı şehit dedeme hediye ediyorum. Tabiki birde Fatiha ve bildiğim bütün sureleri hediye ediyorum.

Allah rahmet eylesin.


Ali Semih KURT

Just be careful not to scratch anything or unhook that spring in there or anything like that and just really get in there good and make sure you keep it clean. And that’s Baratas Ray Ban not even getting into the awful message it sends to kids with autism (“We literally thought it would be better if you died of measles, fucker!”). As Dirk Nannes and Shaun Tait have shown, short cuts are now possible. Herself a former cheerleader at high school and Stanford University, Ms Gonzalez said she understood how the women could remain devoted to their teams even if they were treated poorly. ‘N Sync and Aerosmith traded songs and verses.. He has a doctorate in behavioral and brain Cheap Football Jerseys sciences. That doesn’t mean the rugby fraternity has been irresponsible or negligent in its care of duty. Drew had hoped to be chosen in the first draft round, but ended being the first one chosen in the second round by the San Diego Chargers. (He also 7) He was very resistant Wholesale Jerseys to begin with, but I explained it to him this way: I told him that it was just part of being a boy. Step inside for a look at the biggest bag trends, straight off the Spring runways, from NYC to Milan. The Board altered another of their regulations in Fake Oakleys 1966 when they presented him with his own Lonsdale belt, which British champions usually keep only after winning three British title fights. cheap ray bans The reality is a lot less abrupt, and a lot scarier: Most people start by popping and smoking pills. A lot of our best data on this comes from Oregon, where birth certificates are required to list the location of the birth.True, tons of home births go fine, provided there aren’t any complications. Sonny Boy West (Washington, DC)”Sonny Boy” was a former top contender in the lightweight (135 pounds) division. But the four days of competition at The Augusta National Golf Club, with its fiendishly difficult course emphasised by Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys the lightening fast greens, is right up there.. So after your visit with us here cheap football jerseys in Chicago, I hope you’ll agree that our winning in beer strategy makes sense, that you have some insights into our capability and capacity to execute it with distinction and that we will evolve to deliver the next level of growth in shareholder value.. Pogue, their president. Through it all, I always saw it as worth it. This is equivalent to $25.37 hourly, with a range of $14.84 to $52.86.. You have guys who can shoot the basketball. It’s only Week 1, but this is bizarre: the rest of the AFC East is 3 0, and the 0 1 Patriots are in the cellar.

Televizyonun Zararları





Sevgili Arkadaşlar,

Televizyon insanlar üzerinde çok ciddi zararları vardır.

-Gözlerimizi bozar,beynimize zarar verir.

-Bizi tembel yapar derslerimize çalışmamızı engeller.

-Zamanımızı çok harcar.

-Aile içindeki sohbetimizi engeller.

-Kötü sözler öğretebilir.

-Düşünme kabiliyetimizi engeller,kolaycılığa yönlendirir.

Ben ve hepimiz televizyondan uzak duralım veya çok az izleyerek,derslerimize calışıp  ailemizle sohbet edelim.

İsmail Hakkı Karakaya

2-A Şampiyonlar Sınıfı

Nurettin Dedem


Benim dedemin adı Nurettin. Düzce’de yaşıyormuş. Annem Nurettin Dedem’i çok seviyor bende onu çok seviyorum. Yarın dedemin ölüm yıl dönümüymüş. Öleli 10 yıl olmuş. Benim dedem akciğer hastasıymış.

Nefes borusu,soluK borusu ve akciğer bunların üçü de nefes almamızı sağlar. Bugün bunu derste öğrendim. Dedem akciğerinden hastalanmış nefes alamamış ve ölmüş. Ben Nurettin Dedemi gördüğümü sandım ama annem görmen imkansız rüyanda görmüşsündür diyor. Çünkü ben doğmadan önce dedem ölmüş. Benim öğretmenim bize bir şey anlattı. Yağmur yağıyormuş. Arabanın her yeri kapalıymış. Arabanın içindeymiş. Burnuna bir damlacık geldi sanmış. Öyle değilmiş burnuna bile dokunmuş ama kupkuruymuş. Ben de görmemiş olabilirim dedemi. Öğretmenim gibi hissetmiş olabilirim.

Nur içinde yat Canım Dedem. Seni görmek, seninle oyunlar oynamak isterdim. Aynı Kırşehir’deki Necip Dedemle yaptığımız gibi…