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Balıklı Göl

imageBalıklıgöl, (Aynzeliha ve Halil-Ür Rahman Gölleri) Şanlıurfadadır. İbrahim Peygamberin ateşe atıldığında düştüğü yerdir.
İbrahim Peygamber, putlarla mücadele etmeye başlar.Zalim hükümdar Nemrut ve halkı putlara tapıyordur.İbrahim Peygamber tek tanrı fikrini anlatır.Nemrut tarafından bugünkü Urfa Kalesinin bulunduğu tepeden ateşe atılır. Bu sırada Allah tarafından ateşe “Ey ateş, İbrahim’e karşı serin ve selamet ol”‘ emri verilir. Bu emir üzerine, ateş suya odunlar da balığa dönüşür. İbrahim bir gül bahçesinin içersine düşer. İbrahim’in düştüğü yer Halil-ür Rahman gölüdür.Nemrut’un kızı Zeliha da İbrahim’e inandığından kendisini onun peşinden ateşe atar. Zeliha’nın düştüğü yerde de Aynzeliha Gölü oluşmuştur.

We know that the total alcohol beverage market is changing rapidly and the brand and retail landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented. If the ball is kicked out, or falls over the side line, the linesman who holds a flag in the air will signal who has the throw in. You will also want to budget some time during use for letting the waves of nausea pass when you realize what you’re collecting Fake Oakleys in that straw.. He’s got his mouthpiece in front. FUCI’s big wheel which measures almost 3 feet in diameter stores energy and allows the bike to maintain speed. There no shame in allowing him to have a big game. Maybe the best defense in the league. When considering all of this, obviously this helps Buffalo Wild Wings’ business model, as it is a sports bar. (NYSE:TWX) for $53.75 per share in cash plus $53.75 per share in T’s stock or a total $107.50 per TWX share. After his career, Marino worked as an NFL analyst for HBO and CBS.. I proud of you. Try and move Cheap Football Jerseys past the horrible incident with the police, if at all possible. But it’s still somewhat surprising to learn that Paul Revere got sole credit for the ride because “Revere” rhymed with “hear.” We wish we were joking. 9. Left on their own, Yahoo’s strategy continues to be appalling. Letting go Replica Oakleys of Olivier Vernon, who secured himself a mega contract in New York, the ‘Phins took a couple of fliers on Mario Williams, fresh from a disappointing season in Buffalo, Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell before picking up Arian Foster late on. If the Saints, or any other team for that matter, wanted to intentionally injure opponents, they Cheap Oakleys could do it on every play. It wholesale nfl jersyes was never meant to be included in the album the fact that the Tommy character would be inexplicably good at pinball was an afterthought, thrown into the mix at the last minute to try to get a good review from Nik Cohn, one of the most influential music critics in the industry, who, by the way, happened to be a Cheap Jerseys big pinball fan.. Commonly referred to as the Beliye Kolgotky (“White Tights”), these mysterious femme fatales clad in pure white outfits have popped up in several Russian conflicts. The fact that these investors were offloading more stock instead of hanging on to it may have served as a warning sign to new investors.. The secondary had it’s moments, but was exposed a majority of the time due to a lack of pass rush.. In March this year, the Telangana State Pollution Control Board conducted a public hearing for the RFCL. You see, the one thing we can absolutely count on in television and life is that NFL audiences would continue to hold yeah, even soar NFL Jerseys Cheap year after year, even as every other program cratered.

Peline İlaç Lazım

peline ilaç lazım

Eve ilaçlama ekibi gelmiş ama köstebekgiller ve Pelin evde mahsur kalmış. Pelin odadan çıkarken ev çoktan ilaçlanmış ve Pelin zehiri çoktan çekmişti. Ve bayıldı. İlaçlama ekibinden biri onu farkedip ilaçlamayı durdurdu. Pelin’i hemen dışarı çıkardı. Köstebekgiller kaçmayı başardı. İlaçlama ekibi hemen ambulansı yani 112’yi aradı.
Köstebekgiller evde meraktan dedelerini bekliyorlardı. Dedesi eve döndüğünde Pelin doktordan döndü haberini duyan aile çok mutlu oldu. Hemen çay yapıp Pelin’e gittiler ama Pelin’in yanında Caner olduğu için odaya giremediler.

Munise Duran
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“The daily grief of slowly losing Sandy to dementia is the harder to bear.”White is 86 now, in care on Auckland’s North Shore. (Providence Journal). But the fact is that we worry deeply about student welfare and their physical safety. The shooting stunned the gated Balboa Island community, where McLaughlin and his son were well known.. Spot color relies on premixed inks that produce specific individual shades. I am the owner of replica oakleys commercial premises that have been leased to a tenant company for the past 10 years. When will we ever learn that if the kids want to Replica ray bans smoke the methamphetamine, they’re going to do it?. He has also served the US on three different Olympic teams. This helps to build a reputable referral base and contributes to building your Practice. Well, when George was created, it Cheap china Jerseys was acceptable to refer to several different types of primates, including apes, as monkeys. But the Baratas Ray Ban real success came when Randy and the company’s IT Manager developed software that efficiently handled supply chain management. This article is meant for experienced fantasy football players, so I will write as though I expect the reader to be familiar with terminology and player positions without me having to refer to every player’s position all the cheap football jerseys time. It was, in a word, magnificent. It doesn’t help that one of the show’s themes the idea that people are controlled by a network of corporations in a way they don’t realize feels suspiciously like a TV sized version of The Matrix. One can only wonder how many players have been “dinged” but failed to report it for fear of losing ground on making or staying on the team.. I expect him to get another shot at showing his collegiate skills before involving Cobb more. I think that they were surprised a little bit, about the approach for lawyers and people who for years represent big business, there is a very defined fundamental way Cheap china Jerseys in which business people approach your relationship with something like that National Football League.. It is payback time. True, taxes can be seen as the that feeds a piggish big government, but another view is that they are a means for each of us to support people who have less than we have. Smilez Chain of Dental Clinics, India Home Healthcare,” said Suneil. But given the details that we had, we made our decision based on the details we had href=”http://cheapjerseysupply.com/” target=”_blank”>cheap jerseys in hand.”. Rather than using pictures, images, and designs to convey a related meaning, people sometimes go for plain text. He kept looking at me in the eye to make sure I was focused.”I’ve been keeping up with things in the NFL, and guys having concussions especially the situation that happened in St.



Bir profesör varmış. Konuşma için şehir dışına çıkmış.Konferans salonuna gelmiş. Konferans salonun da bir kişi varmış.Çok şaşırmış ve bozulmuş. Sunumun bir kişiye mi yapacağım demiş. Arkasını dönüp gidecekken, adama saygısızlık olacağını düşünmüş kalmış. Kürsüye çıkmış. Mikrofon almış adama seslenmiş.Benim fikirlerimi dinlemek için gelmişsiniz.İsterseniz size sunumunu yapayım.Adam cevap vermiş:Ben bilmem ben bir seyisim.Bir at gelsede yem veririm, yüz at gelsede yem veririm.Profosör iki saatlik konuşmasını beş saate çıkarmış. Anlatmış, anlatmış,anlatmış…Sunumunu bitirmiş. Adama sormuş. Sunumunu beğendiniz mi?Vallahi ben bilmem. Ben seyisim.Ahıra bir at gelirsede yem veririm.Yüz at gelirsede yem veririm.Ama bir at gelirse doksandokuz atın yemeğini ona vermem.

Dwyer denied committing an assault, though he acknowledged that he punched walls in his home, threw a phone and that his wife bit his lip during the disputes, according to the police report. And the big thing that is said over and over again when a head Fake Oakleys coach is fired is, it’s not any one thing. Thank you, Bobby. I don’t think people Cheap Jerseys have a problem with someone being gay, and I am the perfect embodiment of that. It saves a run from scoring! There are 3 different scenarios that can bring a play to home plate. This canyon is never crowded because, no joke, most people can’t find the right road that leads to it. Then you, along with your friends can place a collective order on the site for a quantity that can be considered bulk. The other leg is going to go long and it’s not going to touch the floor. The grand prize winner will travel to the Galpagos accompanied by a diverse team of naturalists and will experience up close encounters with unique species such as domed giant tortoises, sea lions, flightless cormorants and marine iguanas. Getting back on the field was, apparently, more important.. These muscles actually wrap around and help cheap jerseys support the lower back. With the NFL playoffs approaching once again, gamblers will have plenty of opportunities to bring in quite a bit of money. Irimanagi, Saiyanagi. As Mike puts it, he’s the “only son in the history of the United States to disappoint his dad by choosing football over dance.”. Although it might not be obvious from the Facebook status interface, Fake Oakleys you are not limited to text when typing in this box, and can actually use any symbol that you find on the Windows Character Map.. In case you just crossed India off your list of countries to cheap football jerseys visit, you’ll want to keep your pen out. If so, all he will see is The Smirk. Cameron suffered a concussion and multiple fractures of his nose and cheekbones, and was removed from the field on a stretcher, he would miss the remainder of Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys the season. The product, introduced in May, is the first ever portable satellite TV unit. Perhaps they love the game Cheap Oakleys more because many are also shareholders, I don’t think so. Omalu was a Nigerian, who knew next to nothing of American football and of Webster’s legendary status within it. Manning overcame Pittsburgh’s 10 minute advantage in time of possession and led a hurry up offense that helped the Broncos beat the Steelers 31 19 in his Denver debut. I think Kevin was a great example of coming in here he started off as a returner and was a great runner, but kind of worked his way into more of a third down sub back but he always had good run skills and he had a lot of good runs for us.

Levent ve Ayıcık


Levent resim yaparken kardeşi Mert yanına gelmiş. “Abi oyna.” demiş. Levent “Hayır.” demiş. “Ben resim yapıyorum.” derken Mert elinden kalemi almış ve kaçmış. Levent yakalayamamış ve yorulmuşlar. Levent görmeden ayının üstüne oturmuş. Mert ayıyı almaya çalışırken ayının kulağı kopmuş. Mert ağlamaya başlamış. Levent onu hastaneye götürmüş. Çünkü hasta olunca annesi onu hastaneye götürürmüş. Hemşire abla ayıyı dikmiş ve çocukları evine geri götürmüş.

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Well now, the Cheap Football Jerseys National Football League is feeling the pressure too. But the fact remains: in the space of a century football grew from an obscure collegiate hazing ritual into the nation’s most popular professional sport.. Leave the pastry to rest in a polythene bag in the fridge for 20 30 minutes, then roll half of it out as thinly as possible and cut it into two dozen 7.5cm (3in) rounds, gathering up the scraps and re rolling.. However, they do not have access to the previous seasons of the show, which Netflix does. I lingered longer than I normally would. Last season they relied on their stellar defence and smash mouth football to grind out wins, but Russell Wilson, entering his third year, will be given more responsibility to lead the cheap jerseys offence with Percy Harvin fully teams will have to be even more wary. Alex Guerrero lost his father in law to skin cancer following three years of surgeries and treatment. So can you try to feed them? Please help save the lions because if they didn’t eat what they eat the lion’s food population would grow and grow and they would take over cheap fake oakleys the continent.. You could include research findings from reputable agencies such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse, or mention that you met with local drug enforcement agency personnel to get firsthand knowledge of the problem in your area. This wager earned him billions and he gained a few spots on the Forbes billionaire list. This is one of the many keys to a successful fantasy football trade. But I’ll tell you where the players have some degree of leverage. And the coaches know that.. Previous to 2003, the two teams competing in the Fall Classic decided who held home field advantage based on who had the best regular season record. XP. There is always a last minute run on alcohol the day of the Super Bowl, so shop early.. Ultimately the blame lies with Darryl. Last year Sen. Repeat these jumps NBA Jerseys Cheap three times for 60 seconds at a time. This is a classic way to add a lot of style while not overdoing it. And sure, companies who advertised during past Super Bowls have reported an Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys increase in customer awareness.. Taking NFL Jerseys China things easy can be great. Beyond these features, though, each platform will be able to leverage their Olympic athlete user base to generate unique and more personal content. So it’s called the pyramid dumbbell squat jump. The misery Fake Oakleys of Eels fans then is matched by the joy in San Francisco now. Despite their impeccable references, the Spanish turned out to not actually be gods at all. The sports side of Sony’s drive may have been under estimated.

Sözünde Durmak

piknik-1Bir baba ve çocuğu varmış. Baba çocuğunu pikniğe götürmek için söz vermiş.  Fakat o gün  evde dilenmek istiyormuş. Çocuk gelip babasına sözünü hatırlatmış .Babası bir haritayı yırtıp bunu birleştirince pikniğe gideceğiz demiş. Oh şimdi bütün gün dinlenebilirim. Oh tembellik ne güzel şeymiş , demiş. Az sonra çocuk gelmiş , artık pikniğe gidebiliriz haritayı düzelttim , demiş. Babası nasıl , demiş . Çocuk , haritanın arkasında bir insan vardı, onu düzeltince harita kendiliğinden düzeldi, demiş .


So I’m not sure what the alternative is, but the number of injuries really hasn’t slowed down with any of the changes in equipment or rules, at least the overall number of injuries. Psychology is the study of behavior. A more specific inhibition by catenin siRNA significantly down regulated the Wnt1 expression and diminished the difference of Wnt1 levels in cells on soft and stiff substrate. Summer sun is needed for the ripening of tomatoes and peppers, but good late winter and spring light is crucial for the cheap football jerseys china development of young plants. This isn’t about the future or, the return on the deal isn’t enough to make it about the future right now, I should say. Just try me. Understand each other tendencies, how to get each other the ball. The Reds were cruising to victory after Emre Can had restored Liverpool’s two goal advantage midway through the second half after Callum Wilson’s penalty got Bournemouth off the mark.But the away side fell apart under persistent pressure from Eddie Howe’s men, with substitute Ryan Fraser proving influential.Fraser fired into the bottom corner before Steve Cook showed great footwork to fire the home side level before Ake bundled the ball after a howler from Loris Karius in the Liverpool goal.It had been all too easy for Liverpool in the first half after they established a two goal lead going into half time.Sadio Mane was sent clear by Emre Can before prodding the ball beyond Artur Boruc, before Divock Origi took the ball round the stranded goalkeeper from outside the area before finding the bottom corner with a stunning clipped finish.Relive the action withSportsmail’s JAMES DUTTON, plus updates from SAMI oakley sunglasses MOKBEL and OLIVER TODD at wholesale football jerseys the stadium.While thoughts may be drifting towards the opening of the January window, Liverpool can’t afford to let their attention drift too far. When time shifting playback is accounted for, “The Walking Dead” Season 4 premiere ratings will likely clock in more than 20 million viewers.. Dungeon, I assume?” No. ray bans sale We should take these things the same way we take our lives. “The only thing I’m proud about is the team I played for, they did the right thing. Following an uneventful rookie season, it was unclear just when cheap ray bans and how Rozier was going to get a chance to show what he could do in green.. The variable ASBC has been demonstrated to generate accurate estimates of corneal polarisation axis and magnitude, both in healthy eyes and in eyes with cheap jerseys china maculopathy.19, 26 Recent studies have demonstrated that custom ASBC narrows the band of normative data,20, 21, 22 improves the discriminating power for glaucoma detection,21, 22 increases the correlation with Cheap Football Jerseys structural assessments obtained with optical coherence tomography,24 and improves the correlation with red free fundus photographs.25.

Aç Gözlü Tilki


Bir tane tilki varmış.Onun adı Zıpkınmış.Çiftlikteki tavukları yemek istiyormuş.Bir gün Zıpkın tilki arkadaşlarının yanına gitmiş. Onlara çiftlikteki beyaz tavukları anlatmış.Öyle övmüşki bazı arkadaşlarının hayalinde yemekle bitmeyen tavuklar, bazı arkadaşlarının hayalinde de deve kuşu büyüklüğünde tavuklar canlanmış.Hep birlikte o tavukları yemek istiyorlarmış.Yaşlı tilkiye gitmişler.Yaşlı tilkiye danışmışlar demişler ki:Yaşlı tilki biz şurdaki çiftlikteki tavukları yemek istiyoruz ama orada eğitilmiş köpekler var.Yaşlı tilki de demiş ki:Oradaki tavukları yemeniz imkansız. Bekçi köpeklerden iyi bir dayak yersiniz.Zıpkın yaşlı tilkiye karşı çıkmış.Biz oradaki tavukları yemek istiyoruz. O tavukları yiyebiliriz.Çiftliğe gitmişler. Tavukları tam alırken bekçi köpekler Zıpkının etrafını sarmışlar.Zıpkın onlardan güzel bir dayak yemiş. Yanındaki tilki arkadaşları Zıpkını tedavi etmişler.

If I put the club, my grip under the shaft where I can see more nails these flexor muscles will be more active to turn the face over so if you want to draw the ball more, see more nails. He’s smart. There is just something fulfilling with men when they can talk, yell, laugh, and offer an opinion without judgment. In December, Sarkisian wholesale football jerseys china filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the school. One special note, the icons for the softkeys beneath the LCD actually rotate cheap oakleys when you flip the device. Waller seemed confused, began foaming at the mouth, and soon collapsed. He said he isn’t concerned with what the critics say but is fixated on how to help end Cleveland’s longstanding losing ways which includes nine consecutive losses and 16 of 17 dating back to October of last season.. The stats on metastatic lung cancer are even worse, with a five year survival rate of a mere 4 percent and a median survival time of six months, but Christina remains “cautiously optimistic.” She passed the two year mark last April, possibly because of a rare genetic mutation she has which is known to add longevity to lung cancer patients. Click the “submit registration” button if you registered online. In addition, a center reads the defense in seconds before a play begins and chooses what pass protection play is best. Kaepernick replaces Blaine Gabbert.”We need to improve on the offensive side of the ball, and this is the decision we’ve made,” Cheap NFL Jerseys Kelly said. Many cheap nfl jerseys new players come after years away from the game, or fresh out of high school and get caught completely off guard by the level of violence and intensity of the game. Which was Cheap NFL Jerseys not fun, although it did a nice job of blasting through my sinues. “It has a view of the city that he loved,” Gales said. Remember that smelly kid in school, who never washed his hair, had no friends and once pissed in the sink at that party he wasn’t invited to? That’s your kid, without peer pressure. Team’s will to take off the match is witnessed by millions of people around the country but also outside the country, people want to buy Green Bay Packers tickets.. (b) d2EYFP fluorescence levels in PFL cells (blue line) and PNFL cells (red line) cells were measured at Replica Oakleys 0, 24 (1,440min), 48 (2,880min) and 96h (5,760min) following the removal of doxycycline at time 0h. The level of difficulty is much harder and more involved than typical 2D platforming Mario games, making it an ideal game for teenagers and adults. The change came and ever since Mealamu has expanded his repertoire and jersey size in the No 2 uniform.Like Oliver Twist, once he made a test start Mealamu wanted more.”It clicked that I love this enough to oakleys outlet do it for a long time and I wanted to be damned good at it,” he told the Herald when he reached his test century.Like others he reveres Michael Jones and Richie McCaw Mealamu practices with an intensity which matches his play.

Alican İle Ercan


Bir gün Alican ile Ercan yürüyüşe çıkmışlar. Yürüye yürüye bir ormana varmışlar. boysOrmanda ilerlerken bir aslana rastlamışlar. aslan Aslan sormuş; “Burada ne arıyorsunuz?” Çocuklar “Yürüyüş yapıyoruz.” demişler. Aslan “Haydi gelin! Size bir şey göstereceğim.”demiş. Yolda giderken Ercan, Alican’ın kulağına fısıldamış; “Bir kafes yapalım. Aslanı içine sokalım. Hayvanat bahçesine satalım.” kafes
Ve durmuşlar. Ercan aslana “Size bir ev yapalım.” demiş. Aslan kabul etmiş ve birlikte ev yapmaya başlamışlar. Aslan odun ve sarmaşık getirmiş. Alican ve Ercan odunları bağlamışlar ve evi yapmışlar. Aslan eve nasıl oturacağını sormuş. Alican ile Ercan kafese girmişler. Aslan da kapıyı kilitlemiş. Alican ile Ercan “Bizi buradan çıkar.” diye yalvarmışlar. Aslan da “Bütün hayvanları buraya getirip sizi izletsem hoşunuza gider mi?” demiş. O zaman çocuklar aslanın özgürlüğünü almak isteyerek hata ettiklerini anlamışlar. Aslan çocukları çıkarmış. Alican ile Ercan koşarak kaçmışlar.

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Most genes have variations in them called alleles. It’s that simple. 21, 2006.. In 2010 Stern re signed in a contract worth $400 million over 5 years. He lost Cheap Jerseys all but four men in the assault, but eventually his plan worked Baratas Replicas Ray Ban and they took the building. He had them sex up Guatemalan Cheap NFL Jerseys soldiers (who were probably confused about why they were officially being ordered to bang military hookers) and prisoners (who probably didn’t ask many questions). He then spent a couple of years with the Oakland Raiders, before ending up at the New England Patriots.. The problem was that if someone made a sarcastic remark, a few readers would fail cheap football jerseys to get the joke, and each of them would post a lengthy diatribe in response. If someone discovered that goat jizz added a special zing to ice cream and they could prove that eating it wouldn’t make you sick . According to the American College of Sports Medicine, about 500,000 hip replacement surgeries are performed every year in the Untied States. To expand on what Bobby mentioned, our results are driven by focus and execution against our three strategic pillars: first, expanding our audiences; second, deepening engagement; and third, providing opportunities for more player investment. That is why many smart families are looking to the internet for income that can be earned while staying home. First baseman Jack Clark fielded the ball as Worrell positioned himself with his foot on the first base bag to make the out. 4K has been gaining traction with the consumer because it is a much oakleys outlet crisper picture than the traditional 1080p because it has four times the pixels. That Dallas coach Jason Garret had the guts to call a fake punt from his own 22 yard line, just shows why he was the better coach in this game and why his team stole the win.. Contact the program, and take whatever steps necessary through the program in order to become certified as a coach. For inclusion, all participants had to have, in the study eye, sufficient central vision for optimal fixation, image quality sufficient for optimal evaluation, no macular pathology except for a small number of hard drusen, on stereoscopic evaluation. All the way down the shank of the hook and then come really tight and that’s one of your best fishing knots there is wholesale jerseys for tying line on a hook. “I sat in my house on the beach waiting out gusts of 100 cheap oakleys miles per hour so I wouldn’t get stuck on the mainland when they closed the bridge,” He said. Please don’t let whatever is going to happen in this case affect our family.” He went on to apologize in advance if he was rude or harsh in any way in the coming months, explaining that it would be a very stressful time.. I just bought a Dual gamepad for my PC a month ago to play PES2016 that i recently installed to the PC.


Ben bugün” Bağdat” adında bir şarkı dinledim.Şarkıda Aslı ile Keremden, Ferhat ile Şirinden bahsediyordu. Ben de onları merak ettim.Kim bunlar dedim araştırdım.imageimage

Ferhat ile Şirin: Ferhat saraylarda nakkaşlık yapan bir gençmiş.Amasya sultanının kız kardeşi Şirini sevmiş viagra kautabletten. Sultanda kardeşini Ferhat’a vermek istememiş.Ferhat’ın yapamayacağı bir iş vermek istemiş. Şehre su getir Şirini sana vereyim demiş.Ferhat dağa çıkmış ve dağı delmiş.Şehre su getirmiş.Sultan bakmış ki kız kardeşi elden gidecek. Hemen bir büyücü çağırmış. Bu işi engelle demiş. Büyücü de elini bir helva alarak dağa çıkmış Ferhatı bulmuş. Şirin öldü. Buda helvası demiş.Ferhat elindeki kazmayı yukarıya fırlatmış.”Şirin” diye bağırmış.Kazma Ferhat’ın kafasına denk gelmiş ve kayalıklardan yuvarlanmış. Ferhat’ın Şirin diye bağırdığını duyan Şirin hemen dağa fırlamış.Ferhatı bulmuş. Bu acıya dayanamayıp oda kendini kayalıklardan aşağıya atmış.image

Aslı ile Kerem:Bir zamanlar bir İsfahan padişahı varmış. Hiç erkek çocuğu yokmuş. Mirasını kime bırakacağını bilmiyormuş. Çok üzülüyormuş.Yardımcısı keşişi çağırmış.Keşiş bir elma ağacı dikmiş.Padişahın erkek çocuğu olmuş.Adını “Kerem”koymuş.Keşişin de “Aslı” adında bir kızı varmış. İkisi birlikte büyümüşler.Bir gün Aslı’yı saraydan uzaklaştırmışlar.Kerem yollara düşmüş.Her gördüğüne Aslı’yı gördünüz mü diye sormuş.Aslı’yı bulmuş. Evlenmişler.Keşiş onlara büyü yapmış. Kerem gömleğini bir türlü çözemiyormuş. Gömleğin düğmelerini sökmek istediğinde,gömlek tekrar ilikleniyormuş.Sonra Kerem’in ağzından ateşler çıkmaya başlamış. Kerem alev olup yanlış. Aslının saçı da yanmaya başlamış.Aslıda Kerem gibi yanmış.

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Kitap Okuyan Kazanır

Bilgisayar Kullanan Kız Öğrenci

Bir baba kızına kitap okuma alışkanlığı kazandırabilmek için ödül vermek istemiş ve:
Kızım, eğer sana verdiğim şu kitabı bitirirsen 20 milyon lira vereceğim demiş.
Bu teklif çocuğun çok hoşuna gitmiş ama kitap okumayla da pek arası yokmuş.
O nedenle ;
En iyisi ben bu kitabın özetini internetten araştırıp bulayım, onu iyice ezberleyeyim, babam okudun mu diye sorunca da o özeti anlatırım diye düşünmüş.
Ve çocuk gitmiş, babasının okuması için verdiği kitabın özetini bulmuş.
İki sayfalık bu özeti iyi bir şekilde öğrenmiş.
Tabi babası anlamasın diye bir hafta da beklemiş.
Bir hafta sonra
-Babacığım ben kitabı okudum, ödülümü verir misin? diye sormuş.
Babası kızından kitapta geçen konuyu anlatmasını istemiş.
Genç kız güzel bir şekilde konuyu anlatmış.
Ardından tekrar ödülünü istemiş babasından.
Ama babası hiç beklemediği bir tepki vermiş ve kızına
-Sen bu kitabı okumamışsın, beni kandırıyorsun. Eğer okusaydın kitabın içine koyduğum 20 milyon lirayı bulurdun, demiş.

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Çiftçi Mehmet


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